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This page contains comments from some people who have taken singing lessons with me.

Some of you have become dear friends, some have come for singing lessons on and off for years, and some people.

I think it's helpful to share comments and stories, even if only to demonstrate that we're all on a journey. We are all a work-in-progress. I hope this page inspires you. I didn't really keep all messages even though I gave my first singing lesson in 1996. 


NOTE: If have included one of your messages here which you want removed, just let me know.

THANK YOU everyone, for sharing your words with me - and with us all.

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Thank you very much for your time, wisdom and being you Kathy!

I had a very enriching and happy experience with you. I look forward to our next session.

Finding my voice is such a trip-thanks for helping me Have a wonderful weekend.      Take Care, Dawn-Anne   :)

From Heather, mother of one of my singing students....

" Did you see one of your students on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night? You would be proud."


Kara sang with Gza of the Wu Tang Clan, and guitarist Tom Morello.

And she rocked it!

Thanks so much Kathy - you're amazing, and thank you for all your help!!

I am confident I will do well, and will keep my fingers crossed for more gigs in the future.   

                                                                                                                                       ...    Jim W.  

Good afternoon Kathy! How are you? I hope you're doing amazing!


Yesterday was the semi-finals of the singing contest and it was awesome! Othe r than the fact that I had to wait five hours after my performance for them to finish the show, it was still a great experience haha. There were four divisions (six people per division, a mix of people ages16-40+) and I won favourite performance in my division and a spot in the finals! I was really happy with my performance this time and the audience seemed to have enjoyed it too! Truly a great experience :) I wouldn't have gotten this far without your help, Kathy. All these years of singing with you have really gotten me further than I would have and I couldn't be more grateful! Lots of people called you a "magic miracle worker" when they found out I had a coach  :) 


Hope you'll have a fantastic rest of the day and hope to see you soon!    Rebecca L. 

Hi Kathy,
Thanks for yesterday's wonderful and informative introduction to vocal development.  You kept the session fun with many practical (and individualized) advice and examples.  Also thank you for the "early Christmas gift" CD. Thank you for starting this journey for me.
Regards,  David L.

Thanks you are an amazing teacher , I really mean that I am getting so much out of this from all of your wisdom I really appreciate it. Jim M.

Hi Kathy. It was great meeting you yesterday. I really feel like I learned a lot of great ways to improve my voice and presentation. I tried singing the long notes this morning and found that works really well at developing resonance in my voice - very effective. I have to remember to speak in a louder voice at the office. At least I'm aware of it and working on it. I will keep referring to our notes until our next meeting. Great song - I listened to it last night. You have a beautiful singing voice. Cheers, Kara F.
(Taking singing lessons to improve speaking voice for business in finance)


Hi Kathy, Thank you SOOOO much for such a wonderful lesson yesterday. It was great to be back. I just feel like my voice sounds it's best when I'm there working with you. Have a great day, Lauren M.

Hi Kathy, I really find the disc that you provided with warm-up exercises invaluable. I use it every day! Thanks, Kim M.

Hey, Katherine, Thanks for your great feedback. I had such a great time working with you and if I need any brush-ups I will FOR SURE give you a call. I will definitely refer you to anyone who asks me for a solid singing coach. I hope we can still keep in touch and that I can email you about any questions I may have about this business. Talk soon Kathy, Susanne M.


Thanks so much for everything today Kathy!! You are so great to me- a gift from God I say!! I pray and He sends me earth Angels I'm going to work really hard this week and I'll see you next Thursday! Sarah P.

Hey Kathy, Thank you so much, i really enjoyed your lesson :) Sarah E.  (U of T student)

Hey KathyAnd by the way, I am also very fortunate to have been chosen as one of the 10 best lecturers in Ontario. While I tend to think more about the vocal coaching in a singing context, there is no doubt that I am also using what I learned in the class context as well. So it's paying off, thanks. I've attached a poster for your interest. Steve J. (Professor, U of T)

short bio: Luther Mallory sings and writes songs for the Toronto based pop rock band crush luther.
Testimonial: In just a few short lessons, Kathy redefined what I knew about singing completely. I was eight years self taught and would lose my voice if we played three days in a row. since my lessons with kathy i can handle the most relentless touring quite easily. what i love about her method is she believes in teaching you the physics of what your voice is doing along with the technique so you understand why something is or isn't working. kathy is also an unstoppable ball of energy who's work ethic and obvious love for music and teaching will make you want to work hard for her. Luther Mallory   - High 4 Records Director of A+R /

Hi Kathy I just wanted to thank you so much for your patience with me today and for your kind words I left (our lesson) home feeling so much better than I did when I came in It's funny, since my 27th birthday, something inside me has changed I use to base who I was on what kind of toys I have, what kind of purse I was carrying, what I wore�.But now, all I want is peace. You are so talented and beautiful and always have such a wonderful attitude, you truly are a positive person and honestly Kathy, I am lucky the Universe lead me to you Luv, Sarah P.

Hi Kathy, Thanks so much for another great class. So much to absorb and practice. It touches off so many subliminal nerves in my psyche. Tremendously transformative. To be a good teacher, one has to be a good student! You were my good student and now you are my good teacher! In Tai Chi I learned that I never knew how to walk. I already knew I didn't know how to sing, but I deeply appreciate the chance to learn how. Thanks good teacher. Robin

Hi Katherine, One of the ideas you mentioned stayed with me, and it is synchronicity for you to send me this article. It was that it does not take volume of air to make the sounds! The cd made me want to sing. Thinking about putting out too much air has been sinking in and affecting my chanting. I found that it allowed me to access a much higher range, or probably just a higher range comfortable. I also had moments when I could feel the vibrations below my voice box and that it happened when I was most relaxed. This was an affirmative insight for me. Thanks, Robin


Subject: There's no voice in the wilderness. Its not wilderness. It's a temple!
Hi Kathy, Thanks so much for the lesson today.
"You turned me inside out
Whatever that's about
Its happy!
Its happy!
Its happy!"
Just halfway through listening to the cd. Thanks Robin

Hi Kathy, Thank you so much for helping out Sarah, I see a huge improvement in her singing, and you are successful in building her self confidence. Talk to you soon, Louisette (Mother of country recording artist)

hey, kathy how are you? i just wanted to let you know that my performance last friday went really well, i was getting comments like "your voice has improved and you've learned how to project it". So thank you for all your hard work and for helping me, supporting me, and helping me gain confidence. I will not forget you and your dedication. so once again thank you for everything!! i will try and send you the video or put it on a website and send you the link. i'll get back to you about that. Love: Bridget xoxoxox (12 yrs. old)

Hi Kathy! I just wanted to let you know how the audition went!!!! I was at a personal best! I was really proud of the work I did! Thank you for all your help! I did have an opportunity to meet with agents and a few are really interested! So in the next little while I'll be meeting with them. I'll keep you posted. I haven't received my pictures yet but as soon as I get one I'll send it out to you!
Ciao, Jean-Pierre


Hi Kathy, Thank you so much for yesterdays lesson, I really feel I am learning so much about my voice I really think you take bring my singing up to another level and I'm really excited! Thank you so much and I'll see you soon!! Sarah P.

Thank you Kathy, I really enjoy working with you, I think you have already taught me so much already, I feel my confidence slowly building! I have a dream of selling out Massey Hall one day and I really believe I can do it through learning how to control my voice and tone. Thank you again and I look forward to Tues.  Sarah P.


Hi Kathy, I've been meaning to contact you for some time now, to see if you have any availability to teach me again! I do have some availability Mon-Thurs, it's just busier because that is when I teach my violin and piano students. I know you're super busy, but please let me know what your schedule is like. I miss you, and my voice needs you! I think you gave my name to ___over at Canadian Idol. Thank you very much for recommending they contact me. It's kind of funny that they ended up calling, because...I went to audition in London in March, and I got through the first two preliminary rounds. I want to work with you on developing my voice in a healthy way and making it more powerful, but still staying true to 'me'. However, I know I can definitely improve on what I'm already doing, and I'm in no way ready to give up my dream of making music. Hope all is well with you!! ~Lauren M.

Hi Kathy, Thank you very much for today's (first) lesson. I know we didn't sing a lot however your words, and talking with you have opened up my mind. Your life experience and your courage are truly inspiring I believe that we can change our lives by shifting our thoughts so I am going to work on this week I am going to spend a lot of time thinking about why I am afraid to share my voice with others Get to the root of my fears and shift my thinking towards it. Thank you again and I look forward to our next lesson! Sarah Sent via BlackBerry

The important thing to me is that I am continuing to apply what I am working on with you to my singing and music in general. I am continuing to apply what I am working on with you to my singing and music in general. I definitely feel like I am growing and that is what it's all about. Also, thanks for taking the time to send me the attachment. I plan to read it tomorrow morning over coffee. Cheers, Matt
(Lead Singer/guitarist and indie rock band leader)

Kathy, She was too tall but the (audition) experience was so much fun. The auditions took place in the rehearsal hall at the back of the Hummingbird. After we registered, everyone was brought back in groups of 10. We were in the fourth group out of about 8 (i.e 80 kids). We really lucked out when a really nice mom and kid from a small town near Kitchener sat at our table and the four of us really hit it off. Talking with them made the 2.5 hour wait quite enjoyable and they were in our group of 10 when we went back stage. Meredith handled herself like a pro... she sang a bit for the pianist so he knew the tempo and away she went. She was so thrilled in the end to have such a cool experience. Thanks so much for telling Meredith about this (audition for Aladdin) and helping her prepare ... we all learned so much. I know she had a day she won't soon forget ...Thanks again, Joan
(Mother of singing student - musical theatre & dance)

hey kathy! we're just on a day off back in the city today after playing waterloo, lindsay, peterborough, and ottawa. ottawa included 3 performances starting at 9am so it was insane but my voice couldn't be better!! i'm not even feeling 1 percent weaker after all those performances thanks to you. awesome! also last night in ottawa, a fan came up to me and asked me if he could take a bunch of pictures of me for a university project he was doing. he said he needed to take pictures of a famous canadian. hahaha! i said sure, if you think i 'm famous. anyway, i didn't have any head shots, or photographs of just me before to send you but now he's going to send the shots he took over to me so i'll get one printed off and i'll have something great to send you. plus a cd of course. thanks kathy. you rule. Luther (High 4 Records Director of A+R)


Hey Kathy, thanks a lot for taking the time to send me the Beatles song. I will definitely sing along with it. I think that was a really good lesson today. It has really got me thinking about singing and writing on many different levels. As soon as I got home I went through some of the old songs I had written and found one that fits the bill for being higher in my register, that requires a bit more power and has lots of R's NG's D's and T's in it. I've already started practicing hoping that you can give me some feedback on how I'm improving with my pronunciation and enunciation. As for the harmonies, that would be great to work on too! Cheers, Matt

Hi Kathy, I just wanted to thank you again for all the terrific lessons I've had with you so far (and for the very thoughtful feather boa!). Rest assured I will apply what I've learned from you as I continue through my journey. Ilana W.
(Cabaret / jazz vocalist)

Kathy, this has been very worthwhile for Jazzy and for me, just to see the joy it brings her to take lessons with you. Jokingly I said to her one day, why don't we look for another teacher for singing? She said no way! So she likes working with you and that is important to me. See you tonight. Jacqueline R. (mother of singing student)

Hi Kathy, first and foremost I want to thank you for all of the work you put in to get me those contacts, so awesome. At the moment I can't get back to you on a date for our next lesson as I am really unsure of my schedule right now and I have a lot of photo shoots for November. I don't think its' such a bad thing though as I am feeling that I need a bit of a break to absorb what I've learned and start putting it into practise. I am seeing a great improvement in my vocal strengths daily thanks to the exercises we've gone over and am anxious to continue exploring the possibilities while working with you in the future. I have set myself many personal goals, such as singing more in public, kareoke nights, and I am working hard at linking with the right ppl to produce my music. I will keep you posted on my progress, and surely stay in touch. I'm thinking that by mid December I will want to resume studies. Talk with you regularly, hope everything's great. Zoe Z


Just letting you know that I was accepted to Randolph (School of the Performing Arts) ! They said I did a really good job and they will be sending my a formal acceptance letter soon. So excited! Thanks again for all your help, and most of all for giving me confidence! ~Rochelle B.

Kathy I really enjoyed our last meeting, you really inspire me and I thought of how cheerful you are today on my way to work and smiled and laughed to myself. You Rock! I have been doing my vocal exercises daily, drinking (water) like mad and I'm writing all the time. I was wondering at what point we will begin working on a song (one of my own), and honing my performance skills, I understand we have a ways to go in development first, I'd just like an idea of when you think that could happen for me because it is a long term goal of mine. I am overwhelmed with my aspirations, lol I will make a list of goals and present them to you next lesson. so you know where Im at and where I want to end up. I believe, I believe, I believe in me, and what I'll be. With your help. see you soon Zoe Z.

hello kathy, i am sending you an email because i dont have my cell aroun me because i left it after i spent the week end at my friends place. Basically i am writing to tell you i will not be attending the singing lessons anymore. The lessons were great but i have dicided that becoming a pro musician is something i dont wanna be anymore but i still will be singing but that will just be for my love for the music not for trying to make it in the music bizz. I will try to progress musicly with the help of the incredible lessons i learned from you. The lessons with you did not only help me musicly but i was also able to improve my communication skills because of you and i would like to thank you for that. anyways i wish you good luck with everything hope to see you again sometime. thanks for everything Joel N.

Hi Kathy, Our lesson this past Sunday was so beneficial. Thank you for helping me to realize that I was able to and needed to, remember the words to a song. I don't know what it is but sometimes after our workouts my voice seems supercharged and for days & sometimes weeks afterwards I have abnormal power and seem to reach challenging notes with much more ease than usual. Yesterday I went to karaoke and did the two songs I'll be doing for the anniversary party. Boy did I get a great response everyone was telling me they were keepers and how good I sounded, even the hostess commented that I sounded strong that night. I'm starting to feel more confident about hitting the notes properly in the songs I do and the feedback I get from the audience makes it satisfying and worthwhile. So thank you so much for your quality teaching, it's working and getting easier for me like you said it would. Thank you, Rodney V.

Rebecca M. wrote: Hey Kathy.... Hi how are you?!? I have completed my first year at George Brown!!! I really enjoyed it! I went up to ___ for my cousins wedding, it was a blast! My sister and I sang a song at the reception and it went really well. I am still singing all the time...but I miss you SOO much!!!! With school this year a found it hard to even find time to exhale...and even though I did enjoy my year, a part of me felt empty the whole time. I am hopping that maybe we will have a chance to get together for a lesson soon. If you do have an opening I would love to come to continue our lessons. I hope that all is doing well for you! Take care, talk to you soon. Love always, Rebecca M.

Kathy...How are things? Well... I hate to do this to you at such a late time but I'm not going to be able to make it out to the next lesson (sunday). I've been called down to new york and I'm joining a production/ songwriting team. Sorry its such short notice (I just got the confirmation today) but I'm sure you know this is something I have to do. As far as the other lessons are concerned, I should probably tell you to hold off on them because I'm not even sure when I'll be coming back but I will keep in touch with you. Thanks for everything so far Kathy you've actually taught me a lot. My voice has done a 180 turn around. Neil H.

Hi Kathy, and thank you for the difficult always inspire her and are giving her such great life lessons, that she absorbs because she respects you so is not the same coming from MOM. Karol E.,
"To soar with eagles, you must rise above the turkeys."

Hi Kathy, Jazlyn is just thrilled @ taking lessons with you. Jacqueline R.  (mother of student)

kathy thanks so much for this. i'll read all of it and get healed up. you didn't seem very very urgent in your reply so i'm thinking it's not a serious problem, just a consequence of being sick. that's good. anyway i hope we can see each other soon. i'll send you a record when it's done too. you'll be happy to know that i increased my bottom and top natural range for the record and i'm having a way easier time with all of it. see you soon kathy. thanks again , luther

I love working with you and am definitely feeling positive about the progress. Marisa C.

Thanks Kathy I felt very confident leaving the lesson, your teaching ability is great and is giving me the confidence to reach my goals, I'll let you on Monday regarding the next lesson, I read all the handouts this morning, have a great St Paddys day. Colum H.

Hey Kathy!!!! Sorry I took so long to reply this time! I have a good reason though ...guess what...great news...I got the opportunity to record one of my songs at SONY/BMG with Jacksoul producing it!!! It all happened very quickly...we recorded it yesterday. I think it was quite possibly the best day of my life! My voice sounds wonderful. You can totally hear how it's more powerful and there's more variety in the delivery. -- really worked with me on that as really believe every word I was saying. We pretty much took it line by line....we got along soooooo well too! Now my part is done and he's going to work his magic! He will probably be done with it by next week. The A&R guy --- came into the studio too to was quite a day! I'll tell you more about it when I see you. Hope you're doing well and talk to you soon~ Lauren xo

Hi Kathy, Thank you soooo much for all the info and of course for all of your wonderfull help. You are truly a gifted teacher and mentor. I will certainly keep at it, I'm certain that I will break through. I know a few of the Agencies already. Just did a gig for ----. Like you, she is a real classy lady. Oh, here is one of my promo shots. I will send you a hard copy as soon as I get some more printed off. Thanx again and take care, James B.


Hi Kathy! The gig went really well! My singing is just getting better and better all the family and friends really noticed the difference! My lesson really helped me get ready for was wonderful! Thank you!!!!!!!!! Talk to you soon ~Lauren M.

Hello Kathy, Thanks for the kind thoughts. I really hate missing my lessons with you, as I always get so much out of them and they help me a lot. My visits with you are like going to the Gym, but for my voice and I need to be physically up for it. I appreciate your graciousness and sincerely look forward to our next lesson. Thank you Rodney V.

Hi Kathy!  Your handout on Resonance is really amazing, so packed with insights and information. Thank you very much. I'm still working on the video/speech. I can't wait to show you once it's done. Kathy, I have learned and grown so much these past couple of years working with you. I can't express my gratitude enough for what I have learned about singing, about myself, about my health and how so many systems of your body that are inter-related. I understand how your breathing, your diaphragm, your tongue, your uvula, your state of fitness, your state of mind (among so many other things) play a role in your voice (speech and singing). I will incorporate/have incorporated all that you have taught me/mentored me in every day life and in the pursuit of the singing voice that is buried deep in me somewhere. Although I haven't yet, I am considering which choir to join. I plan to continue on with Toastmasters to work on my ATM silver. I want to work on all the things you taught me about my voice and check in with you in the months to come. I know that I need to put into practice everything you taught me and that it is up to me. YOU are an incredible source of inspiration and influence for me. I consider you a real friend and mentor. Let's keep in touch throughout the Fall. You go girl!!! Hugs back to you. ..Lisa B.


Kathy, the gig went really, really well. Not one squeak. Hooray!! I felt confident. I know I still have a lot to learn and look forward to getting better. Marisa C.

I can't tell you enough how fortunate I feel to have met you. I was at the piano last night playing and singing for hours and loving it and it's all because of you. You are so talented and professional that you make me want to aspire to become as good (if not better - ha ha - ya right) than you. Enough of the mushy comments - See you on Friday. Marisa C.

Hi Kathy, Thank you for a great lesson. I plan to work on all aspects over the summer, look for a choir to join and touch base with you in September about my plans. Will let you know how my WWW (Women's weekend in the Wild) goes and how the speech development/idea that culminates on this topic progresses. You have such patience and grace (besides expertise and an amazing, beautiful voice!) as a singing coach. You are one of my inspiring women that I look up to. Keep in touch! Lisa B.

Kathy, thanks very, very much for taking a tremendous amount of time to get through to this thick skull of mine. I sincerely appreciate your efforts. What you wrote makes a lot of sense and it made me feel a lot better. See you Saturday at my place. Marisa.

Hi Kathy! Thanks for the tips! The humming seems to work great for me (as well as the light singing at first!). Thank you very much! Have a great day and keep on Smilin'! Musically Yours, CHEERS! Jeffrey A.
(Singer-Songwriter-Piano/Keyboards-international Elton John Impersonator)


Kathy, I have been practicing every day and loving it. The band that has offered an audition to me has sent me a set list of 30 songs that I am reviewing. I have been practicing the "breathy"  and its sounding good. What a difference. I've also incorporated that style to other songs that I'm practicing and it seems to work. My boyfriend has a keyboard and microphone at his home and when I'm there I also practice with playing a note on the piano and singing, "YA", as you did in our lesson. I'm also 'resting' my voice and trying not to strain it with loud laughing, coughing, clearing my throat, etc. Now the biggie. I have taken your advise with the water - i.e., drink more water and it has made the biggest difference of ALL. Now, for years I've gone up and down with drinking the required water that one needs. Because I am so determined with the singing, I've really taken this seriously. I no longer am clearing my throat every second, I find it's easier to warm up and sing and let's not forget the other side-benefits of increasing water intake (too many to mention). I can see/ feel/ hear the difference already. I'm hooked! And I am forever grateful for your sage advice - thank you a million times Kathy. I would say that if your other students are not drinking tons of water they are missing out. You can quote me by the way. I look forward to seeing you on Sat. Best regards. Leigh R.

Hi Kathy Just wanted to drop a note to say that once again I left a more knowledgeable student - thanks to a great teacher, as well as an inspirational speaker. And I would like to add that I am sitting comfortably at my desk right now reviewing my material [with both sides of my brain - not just the analytical side :) - I'm learning] keeping the material fresh and remaining active with my exercises until our next class. A book that was recommended to me today I'm going to check it out, once I finish the one you so generously loaned me - thanks. P.S. Thanks for suggesting I turn off the cell today - I would say that as a result I was able to focus on what was important during the hours of 12 and 1:30. All future classes - no cell :)) Have an outstanding day! Theresa D.,

Hello Kathy, Thank you for the great lesson today - I am slowly surfacing from beneath my shell - thanks to your positive feedback and fantastic informative teaching approach. Theresa D.

Kath, Thank you sooooo much for yesterday. I had an awesome time. Once again, thank you again for the great lesson and the wonderful advice. Take Care, Jay!

Kath, Thank you for your detailed report. (we) really appreciate it. Erin loves to sing and adores you. I mean really, truly adores you. She thinks you're the greatest. And she loves what she's learning. I cannot begin to tell you how much she looks forward to her lessons with you. She was very unhappy when we had to cancel her lesson when she hurt her neck and shoulder. We trust your judgment and instincts and know that you will help Erin to deal with her fear bit by bit. Erin has really bonded with you and trusts you immensely as do we. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope you have a wonderful time in Japan. Steve  (father of student)


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