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Singing Exercise: Warm-Up with these Arpeggios!

I teach singing lessons via Zoom! I give you songs and exercises to practice. Each hour lesson we warm-up, do something new re: technique, I give you a handout, and you get a new song to practice. Singing is invigorating and is a great way to improve your speaking voice for those of you who record or broadcast on the internet! Rates are good. And since practice is so important for progress, I am re-posting a link to my vocal exercise singing arpeggios. Learn to ENJOY daily practice and it doesn't have to take long! I was married to a trumpet player for 10 years and every single day I heard this exercise! I must thank him as the inspiration for this exercise. (TIP: A great way to improve your singing ability is to engage with musical exercises for brass or woodwind players!) This exercise isn't perfect but it's a great practice tool. I won't monetize this on YouTube because it's under 10 minutes. So I am not posting this to get clicks. It's just helpful for daily warm-up and practice! Oh and I had to remove almost all of the images and slideshows from my website so it's a little more boring now. LOL Any musicians out there with some down time would definitely enhance their playing if they did some vocal work too!

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