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New Rock Vocals from French Band LA JARRY

Benoit Pourtau is the lead singer of the progressive rock band LA JARRY, based in Orleans, France. Although Benoit and his brother guitarist David are my friends, I objectively say they are fantastic! I must share their new single PRECIOUS TIME. I first heard this song when it was being written in 2017.

Benoit is a master singer in his genre, and has also been trained to sing classically. He is an ultimate showman who makes singing look easy, when he is truly firing on all cylinders and effortlessly reaching notes in the stratosphere. He has a unique and honest sound and it takes a strong artist to deliver something so clean and perfect with precision timing. For you singing students, notice how much of his body he uses to perform. He is not only singing a song, but as so many performances require these days, he moves like an athlete. He has style, a trademark way of holding his mic and uses his stage space powerfully.

Please give this a listen. It's essential to expose your musical soul to lots of different styles and learn from the masters!

Here's a link to the video:


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