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Kathy's HOME BASE Vocal Exercise

I hope that your singing teacher gives you exercises to practice, and that you schedule times to sing. Try to memorize the exercises so you can have a variety of vocal warm-ups or workouts to choose from. I know I have my favourites. Please never get bored with practice! Always keep it fresh and always challenge yourself to improve! Here's an exercise I wrote around 1998 and I just made a fresh copy with instructions. I'm sure there are others like it but I haven't checked. I call it the HOME BASE SCALE because you always come back to the same note! Enjoy. If you share it, please respect ownership by keeping my website on there for copyright with my instructions. #vocalpractice #vocalscales #singscales #singinglessons #singinglessonsToronto #popstar #idol #practicesinging #practicemakesprogress #homebasescale #purevoicepower #kathythompson #vocalcoach


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