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Doug Marcaida Quotes Sondheim Lyrics

Kali marshal arts master and TV Host of The History Channel's "Forged in Fire" , DOUG MARCAIDA talks about how music touches his soul. Doug has a popular blog called "Morning Coffee" and in this episode, he reads the lyrics to "Being Alive" which is from a Stephen Sondheim Broadway musical called "Company". This is a perfect example of how music can bring a new way of looking at life, how it can validate our feelings and inspire us to great things. I think he may have inspired others to think about songs in a new way ... and maybe even some people will look into other great works that were featured on Broadway. Music can be the soundtrack for our lives and we all have our meaningful playlists. There is a beautiful sensitivity in all of us that recognizes how art of all kinds including music and song can move us and mean so much. It is well-worth watching.


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