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Sing-Along Vocal Warm-Up Exercises



I have been creating these exercises for years in various styles.They are intended to be practical practice tools to improve the capability of your voice. You may experience some, most or all of the following benefits:


  • Extension of vocal range (higher and/or lower)

  • Improved pronunciation of words / lyrics

  • Improved shape and definition of vowels while sustaining a vocal tone

  • Improved breathing and breath technique during phonation

  • Improved pitch placement

  • Improved ability to comfortably navigate vocal patterns & intervals

  • Improved pitch accuracy when singing intervals

  • Improves confidence

  • Strengthening of muscles of and related to the voice (larynx)

  • Helps to develop a regular routine for voice practice

These voice exercises are “stand-alone”. You don't need to purchase a whole course.



The only diagnostic to show whether or not you have experienced vocal improvement is by reviewing audio or video recording BEFORE practice, and then again AFTER practice. Then compare.

Sample - Pronounce Vowels - Intro only - Kathy Thompson
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This CD is beneficial for singers, speakers, presenters, managers, sales people, actors and broadcasters ... or anyone who would like to reduce their foreign accent.


This CD has a focus on opening your throat as you form vocal sounds using proper vocal technique. You will be immersed in speaking with clearer diction as you practice along with this easy, practical and effective tool for voice and speech improvement.

Singers: Practising with this speaking CD will:

  • improve the way you sing your words 

  • form more open vowels when you sing

  • help you enjoy comfort when holding out longer notes

$  6.99 CAD - Digital Format  

$12.99 CAD - CD mailed to you (postage included)        

E-mail for payment details. 

A .pdf instruction sheet will accompany your digital .mp3 download


Please do not hurt your voice. Do not sing higher or lower than you are capable of at the moment. Always gently stretch the voice higher or lower in an easy and controlled manner. If your voice hurts or feels sore, stop immediately. Never do more than your voice can handle re volume, range or vocal technique. and use common sense. Please review health and safety instructions for voice use at: . K. M. Thompson, the owner and creator of audio voice exercises available on this page of this website waives any responsibility for vocal damage caused by misuse, force or strain on the voice.

TERMS OF DOWNLOADS: The voice exercises on this page are the sole property of K.M. Thompson, owner and founder of  Any reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. Violators will be persecuted to the extent of the law, including international digital and intellectual property laws. Copyright infringement is a serious offence. Do not share. For personal use only.

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