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6 Problems Caused by a Breathy Voice

Therapeitic Sounds for a Tired Voice

Simple practice to sing the Octave Interval

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Vocal   Technique  Reminders: 

VOLUME: For great results, sing exercises fairly quietly. After a week or so, increase the volume. Never FORCE your voice to sing too high, too low or too loud.

BREATHING: Avoid taking a lot of short breaths.  At first, you might even almost "over-breathe", which will help to condition your lungs for taking naturally deeper breaths.  Sing longer phrases with one breath. This develops control and comfort. Remember to not raise your shoulders when you take a breath.


HEALTH: Get cardio exercise every day! Your whole body is a part of your singing instrument! Click here for more info on vocal health: 

PROGRESS: These singing exercises are for vocal warm-ups.

But they also address all of these things: 

  • increasing your high and low vocal range,

  • assist with accurate pitch placement,

  • help you to hear and predict key changes 

  • improve breath control

  • opening up vowels and adjusting shapes in the throat

  • singing larger intervals

  • increasing clarity for diction and spoken articulation

  • encourage consistent work ethic and practice routine

....You can turn my vocal WARM-UPS into WORK-OUTS by increasing volume. 'Push' only to where it's comfortable. Sing without vocal tension.


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