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Original Songs

If you're a singer or singing student and you're looking for new songs, check these out.

Contact the songwriters directly before you record anything of course. You will need permission.

Email me your comments ... be sure to like videos .... and leave positive comments for these songwriters! 

I know so many talented songwriters! I wanted to put these great songs all in one place. 

Dan Blomme:  Quarantine Sessions #6 Redux: 115

Dan Blomme:  Quarantine Sessions #4 Redux: Sawdust (a song about addiction)

Dan Blomme:  Quarantine Sessions #3 Redux: Broken

Joanne Perica:  Masterpiece

Joanne Perica:  Down on the Bayou

Music By Yo:     Visit Yohanna's YouTube Channel for lots of original songs! 

Vance McKenzie: I Can Fix It  (2020)

Lindsay Adamson:  Country Music Feels Like Home (2020)  

Kathy Thompson: Put Your Mind At Ease   (Country, performed by Neil Donnell)

Kathy Thompson: The Gift of Love   (Christmas)

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