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Kathy  Thompson, Vocal Coach

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 Vocal Tai Chi for Vowels
Lesson #11

singing starts at: 0:49

Practice Singing Patterns

Lesson #10

Lower Voice Range Stretch

Lesson #7

Diaphragm Control
Lesson #3
start at 2:25

Singing Tip: Be Careful with Your Voice!

Sing Major Scales
Lesson #9

1.) Singing starts at 0:33

2.) fast singing starts at: 3:33

Learn to LISTEN !
Lesson #6

      A Very Lovely Octave
Ex. #2

singing starts at: 4:25

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How Fast is my Song?

Lesson #8

Mum-mum-mum arpeggios! Lesson #5

Vocal Warm-up:

Rocket Down Samba

Exercise #1

Problems Caused by a Breathy Voice

Vocal Therapy Sounds

Practice Singing this Scale!


Quote on singing  from   Linda Ronstadt