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Kathy  Thompson
Vocal Coach
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Singing Lessons Toronto
by Pure Voice Power 

music lessons

Singing for beginners, hobbyists,
experienced or professio
nal singers, youths
& seniors. All are welcome!

Improve your performance, gain confidence, increase vocal range, dynamics and voice volume.
Pop, rock, jazz, country, theatre.

Voice Coaching for Speaking, Speech, Public Speakers and more.
Speak with sparkling diction and effective cadence! 
In addition, learn about speech writing, accent reduction,
improved presen
tations and sales skills.
Keep your voice health
y by using correct vocal technique.
Lessons are on-line or in-person,
Toronto, the GTA, Canada, USA and Internationally.
Reasonable rates. Voice coaching and improved speech is an excellent investment for any professional who relies on spoken communication.
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Vocal Warm-up:
Rocket Down Samba  Ex. #1

Sing Major Scales
Ex. #9

1.) Singing starts at 0:33

2.) fast singing starts at: 3:33

      A Very Lovely Octave
Ex. #2

singing starts at: 4:25

Lower Voice Range Stretch

Lesson #7

Diaphragm Control
Lesson #3
start at 2:25

Practice Singing Patterns

Lesson #10

Mum-mum-mum arpeggios! Ex. #5

 Vocal Tai Chi for Vowels
Lesson #11

singing starts at: 0:49

Practice Singing this Scale!

 Short mini half-scale
warm-up - 
Ex. #12


Learn to LISTEN !
Lesson #6

Vocal Therapy Sounds

Problems Caused by a Breathy Voice

Singing Tip: Be Careful with Your Voice!

How Fast is my Song?

Lesson #8


Take this Voice Quiz

And discover why you will want to 

book a Zoom lesson with Kathy!

  1. Could you use more confidence when you sing or speak in front of people or on-line? ___________

  2.  Has anyone ever asked you to speak or sing louder? ___________

  3.  Could you sing a peak performance 7 days a week? ___________ (a healthy, toned voice CAN)

  4.  Do you know how to keep your voice healthy and ready for optimum performance? __________

  5.  Do you enjoy music or singing, and if not - would you like to? ___________

  6.  Would you like to sing higher or lower, improve the sound of your voice or gain more volume?______

  7.  Can you list 10 health benefits of singing? ___________

  8.  Would having a more creative approach help you in your life or job? _________

  9.  Are you rhythmically challenged? _______________

  10.  Is overall improved memory something that would help your daily life? ___________

  11.  Have you ever wanted to give someone the gift of singing a song for a special occasion? _________

  12.  Do you want to study songwriting or learn to read music? ___________

  13.  Are you aware that singing lessons are fantastic for seniors, those with dementia and other cognitive challenges? ___________

  14.  Is improving your breathing something that interests you? __________

  15.  Would you practice with sing-along exercises? _________

  16.  Would you like to sing therapeutic exercises for the health of your voice? ________(I work with people who experience dysphonia) 

  17.  Do you know how your voice works? ________________

  18.  Do you know that great vocal improvement can result from a minimum of 20 minutes of practice per day? ________________

  19.  Did you know that there's no such thing as tone-deafness? ______________

  20.  Have you ever experienced the discovery of guided DEEP listening to music?__________

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